Real World Zombies. For Realz.

1: Persephone | 2: Iris

Persephone: Goddess of the Not So Undead

Now available in eBook and Paperback


They’re not quite zombies. They’re not quite human. And they’re definitely not how Seffy Schmidt wants to spend her Tuesday.

Persephone has always lived in the shadow of her practically-flawless stepsister Iris, even more so after accidentally shooting Miss Perfect in the chest during a misguided and wine-cooler-soaked turkey hunt. Now the cutting-edge treatment that saved her stepsister’s life — while somehow making her even more disgustingly amazing — might be responsible for an outbreak that’s turning the entire population of the Greater Fargo-Moorhead Area into oddly-human zombies.

Armed with nothing more than her wits, a shovel, and memories of her past glory in the realm of high school science fairs, Seffy realizes that she might hold the key to saving her family, her hometown, and maybe even the world.

Reader Reviews:

“Funny and told in a way that has a believability to it”

“Couldn’t put this down! It was a fun read with a new, fresh spin on zombies (and North Dakota farm boys)”

“A funny and different book”




Iris: Queen of the Partially Redeemed

Now available in eBook and Paperback


Is it a cure? And if so, how would they actually spread the frickin thing? It’s not exactly Silver-Lining Friday for Seffy and Iris Schmidt.

Persephone has saved her half-sister Iris from the not-so-undead apocalypse (centered in the picturesque pancake known as the Red River Valley), not that the rest of North America isn’t slowly still finding itself infected and zombified by the mutated “cat-poop” parasite. Trapped in a devastated isolation zone of barricaded homes and coffee shops, the Schmidt sisters realize that there are powerful forces working not to cure the infection, but to find a way to control the minds of the infected.

Now the sheer effort required to keep themselves and their loved ones safe — while trying to stop the douchebag bad guys and save the planet — is threatening to overwhelm their unsteady relationship and endanger their very lives. But it’s starting to dawn on Seffy that there’s a chance she and Iris might be the ones who hold the real power…



Now Available: Iris: Queen of the Partially Redeemed

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