After The Fires Went Out

The thrilling and unconventional post apocalyptic series

1: Coyote | 2: Shards | 3: Veneration | 4: Descent | 5: Amends


Book One: Coyote

Now available in eBook and Paperback

First came the comet. Then came the fires. Now we fight to save what’s left.

Baptiste, stranded 500 miles from his wife and daughter, at the northern edge of civilization, has made a vow to protect a teenage girl from the chaos that surrounds them. But as food and fuel runs out, and even friends prove they can’t be trusted, Baptiste realizes that this promise won’t be easy to keep.

Reader Reviews:

“I have nothing but the highest praise for the author’s ability to make this situation real, for me to care about the people, with action that does not stop.”

“I never expected the finish…which was refreshing! Usually I know what is going to happen before it happens. Can’t wait till the next one comes out…”

“Awesome book from start to finish very dark and captivating”





Book Two: Shards

Now available in eBook and Paperback

Three years ago today the comet was sighted and the world started to fall apart.

Surrounded on all sides by factions he knows he can’t trust, Baptiste fights to keep his ever-dwindling crew of survivors alive, while wondering what’s become of his wife and daughter in the fallen city of Toronto.

When a violent and vindictive gang demands more than Baptiste can give, he realizes that the only path to safety means risking everything he has left.

Reader Reviews:

“I would fall asleep with it then wake up to just read it more!”

“Loads of action, need to read the whole series. Can’t wait until the next book. Love this author!”

“Baptiste is back–and you’ll love it!!!”




Book Three: Veneration

Now available in eBook and Paperback

Rebuilding a world. Rebuilding a family. And hoping that — for once — he won’t screw it all up.

Baptiste has become a hero, but only to people who don’t know him very well. Pushing his way south, as an emissary of the new confederation and as a man who wants to regain his family, Baptiste finds he may have more to fear from new friends than from old enemies.

Reader Reviews:

“This was a fantastic trilogy, and Veneration may be my favorite of the series.”

“Baptiste is a very interesting character and is well developed throughout the story.”

“excellent read”




Book Four: Descent

Now Available as eBook and Paperback

The story of Antoine Lagace

The comet is coming. The town of Cochrane is already falling apart.

Ant Lagace is trying to adjust to his new role and his new family. But the new and dangerous world that’s about to begin could destroy everything and everyone around him.

Reader Reviews:

“The Antoine character, hinted at previously was fantastic!”

“I feel like I know Baptiste, Ant, Fiona, Lisa, Mark, Sara and all the rest. Loved it and didn’t want it to end.”

“The eerie quiet, the devastation, the fires tearing a strip right through [...] I was in Slave Lake the day after the fires ripped through, and [the] descriptions are spot on”



Book Five: Amends

Now Available for eBook Pre-order – Coming July 22nd

History Is Written By The Last One Standing

For Cassandra Jeanbaptiste, her father’s legacy is hard to pin down. A hero? A monster? A mix of both?

Having come north to McCartney Lake, where it all began, to preside over a controversial memorial commission, Cassy begins to see just how complicated the story is. Especially the parts that never made it into her father’s journal.

Now, as a blizzard cuts off the delegation and brings the whole Confederation to the brink of collapse, old enemies return for a chance to rewrite the story of Robert Jeanbaptiste. And changing the past seems to mean erasing the people who remember what happened.



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