My Book is Flopping, and I Just Don’t Care

So I have this book out, and it’s a book I poured a lot of time and effort into, with a premise that I really believe in. Near future science fiction, climate change, geoengineering, rocketry, 3d printing… I’m excited at seeing what happens in Book Two and beyond…

But it hasn’t really sold.

And I don’t seem to care that much at all.


Good question, no one.

I will be very sad if this book fades into obscurity… but you know what?

It won’t. Well… not yet. (Eventually, everything fades away, especially after the heat death of the universe.)

And I don’t need to be in a hurry.

Maybe there’s something wrong with it. The cover, the blurb, the realistic depiction of slightly incompetent spycraft… if so, maybe in three months from now I’ll see that, and I’ll fix it.

But even if there are a few things that aren’t as good as they could be (like in every other book in existence), I know it’s worth what I put in.

And honestly, having written it was more important than having it lauded.

And I’ve been doing this long enough now that I just can’t be brought to my knees by a lack of attention.

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