After The Fires Went Out: Where’s Book Five? At least you’re hearing the news from me…

It’s coming. Book Five in the After The Fires Went Out series.

Not this summer, but hopefully before the end of the year. The title is still not 100%, since there are several R words I’d like to choose from, and part of me thinks the whole ATFWO: Some-word-that-means-more-than-one-thing-related-to-the-story concept might be close to becoming played out.

So, what’s so special about Book Five? So?

1. It’s not told by Robert Jeanbaptiste. Not that any unanswered questions about Baptiste won’t be answered…

2. It takes place after the final events of Veneration and Descent. So no “prequel of a prequel”, or “everything’s set in East Texas for this one”. We’ll follow the stories of characters we’ve already met.

3. It won’t be the last book. Barring natural disaster, there will be more than five books in the After The Fires Went Out series. Veneration (Book Three) was a possible — and possibly frustrating for readers — stopping place, but once I wrote Descent (Book Four) I knew that I’d be putting out a fifth book eventually. Now I know that “eventually” means soon, and that the sixth book is just over the horizon.

4. It won’t become some attempt at ASOIAF/Game of Thrones for the apocalypse set. At its heart, After The Fires Went Out is the story of a group of people who were in and around the town of Cochrane, Ontario when the comet struck and The Fires came. I’m not saying that we’ll never, ever find out what happens to non-Cochrane characters like Isabella from “Peshtigo” or Ricardo Edwards from “The Bones of Texas City” or Samantha and her Mom from… oh,wait… that story isn’t out yet. It just means that while there’s a great big world out there after The Fires, I don’t think I’ll be the one to write about it.

5. There’s other stuff coming that isn’t related to ATFWO. My near future science fiction series kicks off in a couple of months (let’s keep it vague, people), and Persephone Schmidt returns for her second installment of zombie fun. That’s all I’ve got for now, though I’d be lying if there wasn’t an epic historical fantasy series involving both Sir Walter Raleigh and Admiral Horatio Nelson floating around in my head (the ocean puns will be rolling in as it develops).

For more info, be sure to drop everything and find me in the Twin Cities at Convergence in early July.

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