After The Fires Went Out: Descent – Coming Later this May

So it’s May, and with May comes another installment of the After The Fires Went Out series.

Yes, I’m serious.

Seriously serious.

After The Fires Went Out: Descent – Book Four

The story of Antoine Lagace, and the comet that so inconveniently messed up his chance for a full time job over the summer.

No cover yet… because these things take time. I’m not a miracle worker.

Quick teaser:

Charlotte snores. So very much.

Sometimes at night I close my eyes — not that I think I can fall asleep beside Charlotte’s sexy upturned flugelhorn nose — and I picture me riding her, not like sexual… okay, a little sexual… but it’s like she’s a riding lawnmower, and that snort-snort-gah-snort noise she makes is actually cutting the grass, as we drive in a predetermined pattern, naturally, to draw a faithful representation of my ass cheeks facing due east, to moon the varied assholes of the province of Quebec.

Some of my best ideas come from the middle of the night. I think I’ll sketch that up sometime, me astride Charlotte’s back, while she munches down on a nice field of grass and writes a message to our fellow Francophones.

So now that’s gotten a little more sexual…

Next up: the Veneration paperback actually becomes available for sale. Yes, I’m working on it. :)

2 thoughts on “After The Fires Went Out: Descent – Coming Later this May

  1. greg heller

    Awesome Regan! Veneration was great, my favorite of the series. Looking forward to this new release,,,

  2. Regan Wolfrom Post author

    Thanks, Greg! I’d considered plastering you all over the cover, but I chose a goat skull instead. Don’t be offended. :)

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