Ant and the Comet: A Flaming Hot Adventure

It’s a working title for something people have asked me about for a long time, and that I’ve mentioned every so often, mostly to pretend like I’m making progress in my writing career.

But anyway, I figured I’d “announce” it here first, since a handful of miscreants with poor judgement have been awaiting this kind of news.

I have written around 3000 words of the Antoine Lagace After The Fires Went Out prequel.

What kind of words? Let’s see…


So not done, and no, I don’t know how long this thing will end up being.

But if you think something should be included in this story about Ant and the Comet, please let me know. Maybe we can split the proceeds. (Note: we will not split the proceeds.)

None of this has to do with April Fools’. I am lucky that no one stole my pants and/or threw my shoes in the toilet, so I am paying that forward to all of you.

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