The Post Apocalyptic Link Roundup for 9/11/2013

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  1. Want to see what’s ahead for America’s young? Pay attention to what’s already happened in Japan

    Forget Gross Domestic Product (GDP) as a measure of expansion (“growth”) or recession—what really matters is the social recession, which continues to deepen in America.

    The term social recession has two distinct meanings: around 2000, the term was used to describe the erosion of social cohesion via the decline of institutions such as marriage and the rise of social problems such as teen pregnancy.

    Many commentators pinned the responsibility for this erosion of social constraints and bonds on rampant individualism and overstimulated consumerism, while others pointed to urbanization, the commodification of child care, women entering the workforce en masse and similar trends. Poverty was explicitly rejected as a causal factor, hence the term “social recession.”

    - Charles Hugh Smith (Dangerous Minds)

  2. @Nightmare: “Alone, Together” by Robert Kirkman [Post-Apocalyptic Horror Short Story]

    We were married four wonderful years before the world around us fell apart. The world as we knew it quickly disappeared, leaving us and everyone else lost without any hope of regaining the lives we’d grown accustomed to. Diane died two weeks after we abandoned our home.

  3. Apocalypse Zone: Apocalyptic Wallpapers September 2013



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