How My Life Is Like the Movie Contagion

I am sick.

Whenever I am not sick, I like to think that I am one of those people who would survive the worldwide epidemic that kills 99% of humanity. I like to believe that I’m made from tougher stock than everyone else.

But whenever I catch something, I realize how ridiculous that idea is. I walk around in a trance, waiting for a saber-tooth tiger to leap out and take me down now that I’m the weakest woolly mammoth in the herd. I can’t think clearly, I can’t work productively, and I can’t even enjoy my favourite snacks.

So it’s clear to me: if something like the epidemic in Contagion makes its way into real life, I will go down. I will go down HARD. I will not get back up.

So if you are making some kind of biological weapon to take out human society, be it on some alien planet or in a meth lab in Barstow, please know that I will definitely be among your victims. So that’s all the more reason for you to get back to work on it.

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