After The Fires Went Out: Where’s Book Five? At least you’re hearing the news from me…

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It’s coming. Book Five in the After The Fires Went Out series.

Not this summer, but hopefully before the end of the year. The title is still not 100%, since there are several R words I’d like to choose from, and part of me thinks the whole ATFWO: Some-word-that-means-more-than-one-thing-related-to-the-story concept might be close to becoming played out.

So, what’s so special about Book Five? So?

1. It’s not told by Robert Jeanbaptiste. Not that any unanswered questions about Baptiste won’t be answered…

2. It takes place after the final events of Veneration and Descent. So no “prequel of a prequel”, or “everything’s set in East Texas for this one”. We’ll follow the stories of characters we’ve already met.

3. It won’t be the last book. Barring natural disaster, there will be more than five books in the After The Fires Went Out series. Veneration (Book Three) was a possible — and possibly frustrating for readers — stopping place, but once I wrote Descent (Book Four) I knew that I’d be putting out a fifth book eventually. Now I know that “eventually” means soon, and that the sixth book is just over the horizon.

4. It won’t become some attempt at ASOIAF/Game of Thrones for the apocalypse set. At its heart, After The Fires Went Out is the story of a group of people who were in and around the town of Cochrane, Ontario when the comet struck and The Fires came. I’m not saying that we’ll never, ever find out what happens to non-Cochrane characters like Isabella from “Peshtigo” or Ricardo Edwards from “The Bones of Texas City” or Samantha and her Mom from… oh,wait… that story isn’t out yet. It just means that while there’s a great big world out there after The Fires, I don’t think I’ll be the one to write about it.

5. There’s other stuff coming that isn’t related to ATFWO. My near future science fiction series kicks off in a couple of months (let’s keep it vague, people), and Persephone Schmidt returns for her second installment of zombie fun. That’s all I’ve got for now, though I’d be lying if there wasn’t an epic historical fantasy series involving both Sir Walter Raleigh and Admiral Horatio Nelson floating around in my head (the ocean puns will be rolling in as it develops).

For more info, be sure to drop everything and find me in the Twin Cities at Convergence in early July.

After The Fires Went Out: Descent – Now Available as eBook and Paperback

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So a prequel of sorts, but definitely not something you read before the rest.


Now Available as eBook and Paperback

The story of Antoine Lagace

The comet is coming. The town of Cochrane is already falling apart.

Ant Lagace is trying to adjust to his new role and his new family. But the new and dangerous world that’s about to begin could destroy everything and everyone around him.



After The Fires Went Out: Descent – Coming Later this May

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So it’s May, and with May comes another installment of the After The Fires Went Out series.

Yes, I’m serious.

Seriously serious.

After The Fires Went Out: Descent – Book Four

The story of Antoine Lagace, and the comet that so inconveniently messed up his chance for a full time job over the summer.

No cover yet… because these things take time. I’m not a miracle worker.

Quick teaser:

Charlotte snores. So very much.

Sometimes at night I close my eyes — not that I think I can fall asleep beside Charlotte’s sexy upturned flugelhorn nose — and I picture me riding her, not like sexual… okay, a little sexual… but it’s like she’s a riding lawnmower, and that snort-snort-gah-snort noise she makes is actually cutting the grass, as we drive in a predetermined pattern, naturally, to draw a faithful representation of my ass cheeks facing due east, to moon the varied assholes of the province of Quebec.

Some of my best ideas come from the middle of the night. I think I’ll sketch that up sometime, me astride Charlotte’s back, while she munches down on a nice field of grass and writes a message to our fellow Francophones.

So now that’s gotten a little more sexual…

Next up: the Veneration paperback actually becomes available for sale. Yes, I’m working on it. :)

Ant and the Comet: A Flaming Hot Adventure

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It’s a working title for something people have asked me about for a long time, and that I’ve mentioned every so often, mostly to pretend like I’m making progress in my writing career.

But anyway, I figured I’d “announce” it here first, since a handful of miscreants with poor judgement have been awaiting this kind of news.

I have written around 3000 words of the Antoine Lagace After The Fires Went Out prequel.

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Release Day – After The Fires Went Out: Veneration

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Look everyone! I finished* a series!

* – no series is every really finished…


Rebuilding a world. Rebuilding a family. And hoping that — for once — he won’t screw it all up.

The final volume in Robert Jeanbaptiste’s journal of what came after The Fires went out.



  • Coming Soon

An Anti-Story – “The Hunt for the Infamous Roy G. Biv”

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Deep in the moist shadows of its more famous cousin, the anti-joke, is my cherished anti-story, “The Hunt for the Infamous Roy G. Biv”, now edited for modern-day consumption.

The origin of this “art” is that I wrote the first version of this in reaction to finding out from an editor that a previous story didn’t have enough “story” in it. That original story had been meant as a gentle and subtle character piece, in a somewhat untapped setting; it had a story, but it was the kind of story that curled up beside you and rubbed your shoulders until you quietly agreed to attend its brother’s second wedding on the outskirts of a Canadian military base.

And to this day, I still like that story. But somehow not every editor on Planet Earth agreed with me.

So I wrote “The Biv”, and then I thought the result was interesting enough for other people to read. But then I wanted to go further, and make it weirder, and make it meta, and make it so very wrong, but hopefully still a little right.

And now, here it is. In completed and soon-to-be-forgotten format, the illustrious chronicles…

The Hunt for the Infamous Roy G. Biv

An Anti-Story

by Regan “I-Choose-To-Frustrate-My-Wellwishers” Wolfrom

I. Our Fearsome Villain

“You’ll never get away with this,” the prime minister of Norway said to the infamous Roy G. Biv, fighting against two heavyset guards as they dragged him towards the glass and lycra prisoner chute.

The notorious Roy G. Biv was delighted — and only marginally aroused — by the plucky yet balding statesman’s efforts.

“I already have, dear sir… I already have.”

The opprobrius Roy G. Biv tried his best diabolical laugh, but the combination of his lack of practice and his morning’s poorly misconstrued breakfast burrito resulted in a high-pitched donkey bray.

The prime minister of Norway looked at him with what could be viewed as a mocking smirk, so the contemptible Roy G. Biv had no choice but to kick his prisoner in the crotch, if only to cement his status as an evildoer.

He had a wretched reputation for wretchedness to maintain. Albeit wretchedly.
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The Latest Must-Have in Self-Publishing: Reviews Out of the Gate

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Before I came back to the world of writing, I spent some time in the world of startups. And something that’s always stuck with me is Paul Graham’s (of Y Combinator fame) essay “How Not to Die”:

If you can just avoid dying, you get rich. That sounds like a joke, but it’s actually a pretty good description of what happens in a typical startup. It certainly describes what happened in Viaweb. We avoided dying till we got rich.

That’s what I’m doing now in my writing career. Not dying.
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